Nike Shaman x Project Zoltar

I guess I can’t get enough of krazy kostumes. Following my post on Masquerade a few weeks ago, here’s to more sartorial creativity which I came across on Roxi’s blog. Both the post and her picture –  featuring who I presume to be Roxi wearing a djellaba-like outfit and channelling her inner Minnie Mouse in 1983 NYC. Go Roxi!  – get an easy (easy!) 8 on The Claude Montana Scale of Cool.

Hypebeast gives us the original lowdown. It’s basically an exhibition-collaboration between Nike and Project Zoltar. Excerpt: ” Five “warriors” including the nations of: South Korea, USA, Netherlands, Portugal and Brazil have been designed by the London based Zoltar team using existing Nike apparel and footwear alongside a selection of props. The warriors represent some of the key nations to watch out for in this year’s World Cup. A short film was also produced for the project as were photos and actual life-size figures.”

Some pictures from Roxi’s blog:

These pictures and the trailer for the short film reminds me of a brilliant mix of good ol’ Matthew Barney with some samurai themes from Kurosawa and a dash of dark, dark Michael Haneke and you know you can’t go wrong there…

Oh alright then, just for the fun of it, here’s some Matthew Barney. Stop twisting my arm…


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